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Legendary Vegas

The Premium Las Vegas Experience

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Do Vegas In a Legendary Way

Legendary Vegas is the premium provider for Las Vegas Party Bus Experiences. With over 15 years of experience in the nightlife industry our hosts know two things – how to have fun, and how to provide unforgettable experiences for your special night out! Join Legendary Vegas and see why thousands make this a must-do in Las Vegas!

Why Our Legendary Experiences Are the Best

The Legendary Vehicle

Our Legendary Luxury Vehicles are the most decked out buses on the Las Vegas Strip! Music blasting, LED lighting, stripper pole, limo seating, drinks flowing, and enough room to get up and dance the night away!

All Inclusive Party Bus Rentals

When you charter one of our Legendary Vehicles you get the most bang for your buck! Complimentary beverages, no time minimums, custom itinerary, and an optional host to facilitate your party on the vehicle!

Legendary Hosts

Our hosts are the most experienced in Las Vegas. They provide unforgettable experiences all while ensuring the safety of each and every customer.

Legendary Hosts are the lady’s best friends and just another one of the guys!

They are the true definition of “life of the party”!

About Legendary Vegas

Legendary Vegas was created for two reasons. Number one, to create experiences in which tourists & locals can enjoy the luxuries of Vegas nightlife in a safe environment and without the headache of figuring out how to get in on your own! When you come to Vegas you just want to have fun! Leave the planning to the professionals – us!

Number two, plain and simple we just love to party and show people a great time. Every staff member of Legendary Vegas has a passion for providing exceptional customer service and for showing people the craziest times of their lives! When you’re planing some of the biggest evening’s of your life you don’t want to leave any room for error, and we’ll always be there to assist you in everything Vegas Nightlife!

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