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Your Survival Guide to a Legendary Vegas Club Crawl

It can never be overstated how lucky Las Vegas visitors are to have the world’s biggest and best nightclubs all neatly lined up along a single stretch of the city’s busiest road. Those who can handle a club crawl that takes them from one end of the Strip to the other in a single night deserve a trophy, Many veteran club-goers have tried and failed at the task.


“You have to pace yourself and be ready to go the distance,” says Ocean Anders, co-founder of Legendary Vegas tours. Ocean and his team serve as tour directors for those brave enough to attempt a Strip club crawl, including the company’s famed six-hour “Legendary Private Experiences” that escort guests in and out of the city’s most desirable nightlife venues.


Going for the “long haul” is not advised without expert guidance, Ocean says. He offers some of his time-tested advice for surviving a Las Vegas club crawl.


How do I prepare for a Vegas club crawl?

“Always make sure you adhere to the dress code of Las Vegas nightclubs (a list of do’s and don’ts is available on the Legendary Vegas website). You’ll need to wear something that’s comfortable and will hold together throughout the night. You’ll also want to eat a decent-sized meal before the tour, as there will be a lot of drinking!”


So, it’s a marathon, not a sprint?

“Yes! We get it, we know you’re in Vegas and you’re ready to party. But don’t let the excitement, and the drink specials, get to you. The last thing we want is for guests to drink too much at our starting location or the first nightclub, and then not be able to finish the tour.”


And you’ve seen what happens when people party too hard, too fast?

“It has happened plenty of times! Overly intoxicated guests won’t be allowed into nightclubs, but we’ll do our best to keep our clients sober, or at least supplied with plenty of water throughout the evening. There’s no fun in having to recover on the party bus while the rest of your friends are in the club!”


Dress code is a big deal in Las Vegas. What do you tell clients before the night begins?

“Footwear is one of the most important things to consider. Comfortable shoes can make or break your night, especially for our female clients. Select a pair of heels that can be worn for an extended period of time, along with comfortable flats that can be worn outside of the club. The right footwear can be a lifesaver when going for the long haul.”


Need help turning your Vegas night into one that you’ll never forget? Browse Legendary Vegas tour schedules online or book your tour at [email protected] or by calling 833.778.3427.



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