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How to Dress for a Legendary Ladies Night in Las Vegas

Birthdays. Bachelorette parties. Girls’ night out. There’s always reason to celebrate in Las Vegas, and the city’s famed nightclubs are packed nightly with squads of best friends eager to dance the night away.


But what if you didn’t bring your dancing shoes? The term “wardrobe malfunction” has multiple meanings in Las Vegas. Sometimes it means that you simply didn’t plan ahead before leaving the house.


“These are the top nightclubs in the world in world-famous hotels. You definitely want to dress to impress,” says Ocean Anders, cofounder of Legendary Vegas nightclub tours.


Ocean has witnessed the evolution of Las Vegas nightlife, from the days of the smaller off-Strip clubs to the mega-clubs of the millennium. As the level of hospitality has changed, the dress code has become more sophisticated.


“Anything too casual or too revealing will get you denied,” he says.


When operating a tour, Ocean will let women guests know upfront which wardrobe choices will get them into clubs. While “dress to impress” remains his mantra, guests shouldn’t be concerned about what will get them “noticed.” Las Vegas is one of the most photographed and surveilled cities in the world. You’ll definitely be noticed by somebody.


Ocean has pointers for women looking to have a legendary night in Las Vegas.


What’s the generally accepted wardrobe for ladies’ night?

“Ideally, clubs like to see cocktail dresses, skirts, and heels or wedges.”


What’s the most common wardrobe advice you give guests before a tour begins?

“If you have to question it, you’re better off not wearing it. These venues are extremely high-end, so upscale dress attire is mandatory. We like to tell everyone ahead of time because nightclubs are not flexible about their dress codes.”


What are the essential accessories that you shouldn’t leave home without?

“Cash, identification, gum – better to have it and not need it than the other way around. If your purse can hold them, foldable flats. Those will definitely make the evening a lot more comfortable.”


Need help turning your Vegas night into one that you’ll never forget? Browse Legendary Vegas tour schedules online or book your tour at [email protected] or by calling 833.778.3427.

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