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How to Dress for a Legendary Guy’s Night in Las Vegas

Ocean Anders has one piece of advice for the next Wolfpack that comes tearing through town.


“This is Vegas. If there’s a reason to dress up, this is it!” says the cofounder of Legendary Vegas nightclub tours.


Ocean isn’t joking. He’s seen firsthand the look of disappointment on men who just spent hours waiting in lines outside of a club only to be turned away at the door because they’re wearing some version of the “Three Wolf Moon” T-shirt.


That might be ideal attire when you’re ready to let the dogs out, but it’s not going to get you into one of the city’s famous nightclubs. Ocean, who leads many of Legendary’s nightclub tours, tells guests beforehand that dress codes are strictly enforced. No matter what they may have experienced in another city, it doesn’t apply to Las Vegas.


“The dress code here is more restrictive than any other party city I’ve ever been to,” he says. “I was once in New York City, outside of a club, and saw the promoter wearing sweatpants.


“Vegas doesn’t play that game. You have to look nice. Otherwise, you’re standing outside for the night.”


While Ocean’s lifelong knowledge of nightclub life – he’s been doing this since high school – could fill a book, he’s content offering some simple do’s and don’ts for guys ready to hit the town harder than The Hangover.


Q: What’s the ideal outfit for a Las Vegas nightclub?

“For guys, it’s going to be a button-up, collared dress shirt ­­ – no T-shirts. Pair it with jeans or slacks, and hard-bottom dress shoes.”


Q: What is guaranteed to get you denied at the door?

“There’s no question, if you show up in athletic wear – jerseys, etc. – or resort wear, you’ll get turned away. Overly baggy clothing is a no-no, or if your clothes are tattered or torn, that’s also a no. One more thing, guys, leave your hats at home. Ball caps, beanies, bowlers, fedoras – it doesn’t matter if the DJ’s wearing one, you’re not getting in with yours.”


For a list of what to wear to a Vegas nightclub, check out Legendary Vegas online. You can also book your tour at [email protected] or by calling 833.778.3427.

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