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Vegas Nightclubs, a Perfect Setting for Once-In-a-Lifetime Experiences

If you’ve ever known a coworker or family member who just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard them say, “I’ve got stories.”


Everyone has stories about Las Vegas, and while the most outrageous ones send up immediate red flags, they’re probably true.


“I was bringing a group into Hakkasan Nightclub, and as soon as we arrived, Lil Jon threw $10,000 in singles into the crowd,” recalls Ocean Anders, a Las Vegas nightlife veteran and cofounder of Legendary Vegas tours. “In Vegas, you never know what can happen.”


Ocean has seen and heard it all, from unexpected DJ antics – “Steve Aoki caked one of our guests during a tour!” –  to surprise celebrity appearances that force paparazzi to rush across town in the middle of the night.


His years growing up around the city’s nightlife scene inspired Legendary Vegas and its mission to provide “legendary” experiences to visitors whose only knowledge of Las Vegas nightclubs comes from Instagram stories and “Only in Vegas” hashtags.


“Sometimes the most random things will make a night memorable,” he says. “Like the time we were in Paris hotel in Las Vegas when the lights went out – a total blackout.”


Ocean is quick to let guests on his Legendary Vegas tours know they could be in for the surprise of their lives at any point during the night. He advises guests to keep their phones ready in case of a special guest appearance. He also cautions them against overdoing it as they make their way in and out of the clubs. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” he says. Guests who overindulge are likely to wake up the next day in a Hangover-like state, unable to recall what they did, or whom they met.


“We’ve had so many crazy encounters, and not all of them involving celebrities,” Ocean says. “I had a couple returning to Legendary tell me they were celebrating their third anniversary after meeting on one of my tours!


“They booked as strangers three years ago, hit it off on the tour, and they’re still together.”


Need help turning your Vegas night into one that you’ll never forget? Browse Legendary Vegas tour schedules online or book your tour at [email protected] or by calling 833.778.3427.

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